Dormakab E-Plex 7900 Electronic

Heavy Duty Electronic Lockset – Built for Security and Connectivity

dormakaba E-Plex 7900

Ray Krispin and Bob Chartrand keeping the guys on top of their game at High Rise Fire in Brooklyn.
Product demo and training for DormaKaba RCI Keyscan EPLEX 7900

Electronic Locks: Secure and convenient access solutions
E-Plex 7900 Series

With a streamlined design, this cost-effective, heavy duty electronic lockset is built for security and connectivity. The most versatile E-Plex model to date, its compatible with a suite of access control software and performs in both standalone offline mode and real-time wireless mode.

With models designed to function with industry standard credential types, including BLE mobile credentials, E-Plex 7900 can be trusted to perform in cylindrical, mortise, and exit trim application environments.

  • Proximity (125kHz)
  • MiFare
  • iCLASS Legacy


  • Modern and streamlined design
  • BLE mobile credential compatibility
  • Integrated wireless and offline modes
  • Integrated RFID reader only lock – not push buttons
  • More secure with door monitoring and sensing capabilities


E-Plex 7900 wireless applications

  • Up to 100 gateways per network
  • 100 devices (locks/routers) per gateway
  • Up to 8 routers per gateway
  • Locks/routers can be up to 2-hops from gateway
  • Locks will ping and look for closest gateway/router

For features, technical data, functionality and product downloads, visit dormakaba website or contact Chartrand Associates

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