Dormakaba Rci Cobalt Series Locks

Dormakaba’s YD30 Cobalt Series Locks for Swing Doors

Experience the next level of door locking with the Cobalt Series. Designed for both 90 and 180-degree swing doors, these low voltage motor-driven locks (YD30 and YD30S) are set to redefine commercial and residential security. The door locking industry is ever-evolving, and Dormakaba’s Cobalt Series is at the forefront of this evolution, ensuring both security and convenience.

The Revolutionary Cobalt Series Locks

Key Features:

Door Alignment: Overcomes misaligned doors, automatically pulling them into the correct position
Side-load Release: Releases upon request, even under significant side-load pressures up to 225 pounds
– Intelligent Reporting: Fully integrated with existing access control systems for comprehensive feedback including door position, bolt position, and traffic reports

Benefits of the Cobalt Single (YD30S)

Engineered Release Mechanism:
– Designed to release upon request, even under significant side-load pressure
– Can withstand side-load pressure of up to 225 pounds and still function as intended

Advanced Reporting and Feedback:
– Integral for large access control systems
– Provides feedback to the control panel on door and bolt positions
– Ability to monitor whether the bolt pin is extended or retracted
– Delivers essential information to ensure the safety and security of a site

Flexible Installation:
– Requires only standard low voltage power and signal wires
– Compatible with any access system, ensuring a hassle-free and straightforward installation process

Tackling the Age-old Problem of Misaligned Doors

The Cobalt Series is a game-changer for misaligned doors, addressing a significant security concern.

Innovative Design: Patented bolt and strike system automatically aligns doors that don’t close fully.
Misalignment Correction Mechanism: Handles misalignments up to 8mm (5/16”) for the single and 16mm (± 5/16”) for the double.
The ability to release under side-load pressure, initially a safety feature, has proven invaluable in historic buildings, areas with varying weather seals, and in locations experiencing industrial HVAC pressures.

Ideal Use Cases for the Cobalt Series

Dormakaba’s Cobalt locks are versatile, designed for:

– High-traffic environments
– Sites requiring comprehensive feedback to the control panel of the door position
– Aesthetic considerations, as preferred by architects
– Seamless integration into building access control systems

Standout Features of the Cobalt Series

The Cobalt Series isn’t just another lock. It’s an innovation:

Unprecedented Side-load Release: Handles side-loading forces up to 225 lbs.
High Strength: Bolts are 10mm thick stainless steel, with a holding force exceeding 2250 lbs.
Eco-conscious: Draws as little as 40mA in standby, promoting energy efficiency.
Comprehensive Testing: Designed to meet global compliance certifications including UL Listed (US/C), CE, UKCA, FCC, and IC.

View the Fact Sheet for the dormaka Cobalt Series locks from dormakaba.
Contact one of our Representatives today and ask for the YD30 for 180 degree swing through doors and the YD30M for 90 degree swing doors.

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