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dormakaba RCI YG80 Electronic Weatherpoof Door Lock

Looking for a durable and efficient locking solution for your gates, roll-up doors, shipping containers and other large doors or entryways? The RCI YG80 Electronic Door Lock by dormakaba is the perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor environments.  

Top Features of the dormakaba RCI YG80 Electronic Door Lock

Power Efficient Design:
– Low current consumption ensures longevity.
– Consumes a mere 50 mA in standby without the heater.
– Operates at 1,000 mA at 12VDC (Heater @24VDC only).

Unmatched Strength & Security:
– Solid 18 mm diameter stainless steel bolt pin.
– Impressive holding force of 11,240 lbs.
– Tamper detection monitor ensures security with concealed mounting bolts.

Weatherproof and Durable:
– Full weatherproofing with ingress protection to IP67.
– Aluminum lock body resists corrosion effectively.
– Built-in heater guarantees functionality in colder climates.

Advanced Monitoring & Control:
– Comprehensive monitoring capabilities.
– Range of output signals: bolt locked/unlocked position, door position, tamper detection.
– Integrated into access control systems seamlessly.
– Selectable fail-safe/fail-secure modes and multiple locking/unlocking attempts.

Versatile Installation:
– Symmetrical design allows both horizontal and vertical installations.
– Comes with a three-meter flying cable for easy connectivity.

Why Choose the YG80 Electronic Door Lock?

The RCI YG80 is not just a lock, it’s a state-of-the-art security solution. Designed to be user-configurable, it offers the flexibility to integrate into existing access control systems. Whether you’re securing a gate, a shipping container, a roll-up door and other large doors or entryways, the RCI YG80 is tailored to meet a wide range of application requirements.

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