access control, electronic locking and security product for coronavirus pandemic

Business Solutions In a Post-Covid World

March 2020 about one-third of the world’s population was in some form of lockdown because of the coronavirus. One year into the pandemic and it's clear that companies have to adapt to reduce the impact of COVID-19 outbreak conditions on businesses, workers, customers, and the public.

Between government restrictions and a public living in fear and anxiety, businesses are in need of solutions that keep the public safe with hands-free operation, help with social-distancing and any products that aid in reducing the spread of germs and bacteria.

When it comes to access control and security we've compiled a list of products that are easy to install saving you time and money while allowing you keep the doors of your business open.

Hands Free Access Control with Facial Recognition

ISM Touchless Entry

Facial recognition based system that integrates with existing access control panels and locking hardware for the purpose of providing touchless entry to a door using your face as a credential (focus is back of house).

Manage Access Control from one platform, optimized for desktop and mobile platforms, providing ease of use for venue and IT personnel.

Privacy, ADA Accessibility, & Hands Free Operation

Universal Bathroom Privacy Kit

Ideal solution for single occupancy restrooms (Used With ADA Low Energy Door Openers). This kit includes everything you need for a single occupancy restroom in order to meet the ADA requirements, maintain security, and insure privacy.

This  DC USA Approved Universal Bathroom Privacy Kit comes in a variety of models. Each model includes everything you need for a single occupancy restroom in order to meet the ADA requirements, maintain security, and insure privacy. The only thing missing from this kit is the ADA handicap door opener. Purchase this kit and pair it with any handicap door opener of your choosing.

Just Wave Your Hand and Enter

RCI 910TC Touchless Switch to Activate Automatic Doors

Unique low-profile touchless actuator plate utilizing capacitive technology for the activation of automatic doors. Mounts on single-gang electrical box and has a remote control to trigger switch remotely.

It’s easy to install and functions with many automatic door openers. The 910TC features an adjustable detection zone to reduce unwanted activations, and when the device is activated, the indicator light (waving hand) changes color.

Touchless Switch Illuminated Activation Device

Command Access Touchless Switch

The Command Access Touchless Switch is a hard wired, illuminated activation device that can be used for handicap access, automatic operator activation and Request-to-Exit applications.

Prevent the Spread of Viral Pathogens

ABUS Water Fountain ULC 100 Lockout Device

The ULC 100 polyester drawstring cinch bag restricts access to a variety of water fountain spout sizes, which limits public usage. Great for schools, universities, hotels, gyms and other public areas.

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