Techlogix Networx Fiber Optic ECOConnectors

Techlogix ECOConnectors™  install with a click!

Low-cost fiber optic connectors from TechLogix

TechLogix ECOConnector™ field-installable fiber optic connectors provide the quick, easy and reliable termination of fiber optic cable — no epoxy, crimping, polishing or proprietary tools required.

Save time.
ECOConnectors feature a self-centering alignment groove and an easy-to-use locking button for inserting and securing the connector onto the cable.

Save money.
ECOConnectors cost up to 50% less than comparable field-installable connectors and they don’t require any proprietary tools — all you need is a cleaver, sheers, cable stripper and VFL. Watch the termination video.

Save signal quality.
ECOConnectors are designed to fit perfectly on zip-cord and distribution style cable. Plus, a tamper resistant jig reduces signal loss from cable strain over

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