Platinum Tools HPH J-Hooks

Best Designed J-Hook for Modern Cable Installs

Tired of fighting to put cable ties on your J-Hooks? (High Performance Hybrid) HPH J-Hooks eliminate the need for cable ties or Velcro straps with their new Snap-Lock technology. The Snap-Lock is easy to use, snapping in and out of the built-in latch to secure cables.

If you use HPH J-Hooks for your cable management solution and find you must add additional cables after the initial installation, then the Snap-Lock easily un-snaps to add cables without fighting with finicky cable ties.

Watch the video to see specs and installation of Platinum Tools High-Performance Hybrid J-Hooks.

J-Hooks are often made from galvanized steel or plastic polymer. HPH J-hooks are a hybrid of both metal and polypropylene components, offering the best of both worlds. The plastic component provides a two inch wide base support with a slick and burr free surface. The metal component is the backbone of the hook. It provides strength while reducing cost and weight. This design provides plenty of load capacity without being bulky or inconvenient to install.

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