Vivotek's Cybersecurity For IP Surveillance Devices

Vivotek’s Cybersecurity For IP Surveillance Devices

VIVOTEK Fisheye and Fixed Dome Cameras are the only cameras with anti-virus built into every video record and camera. By partnering with TrendMicro the leader Antivirus+ Security you benefit from excellent malware protection, especially against ransomware. You also  get additional protections with its Pay Guard feature, spam filters, and safe browsing tools

Feel securing knowing you will have threat awareness in no time so that cameras and Network Video Recorders NVRs can react to a cyber threat one step ahead of hackers!

Here is Vivotek’s 3-part solution to :

1- Anti-brute-force login-Attack

A mechanism that detects automated brute-force login behavior. For people who never care to change the default password, or those who use easy-to-guess passwords, their IP surveillance devices are less secured by natural. By blocking suspicious logins, the solution reduces the possibilities of intrusion at the front line.

2 -Intrusion detection and prevention

Powered by Trend Micro’s IoT Reputation Service which is a huge cloud knowledge base that identifies malicious URLs, addresses of potentially infected devices, and malicious servers, VIVOTEK’s IP surveillance devices can detect abnormal behavior inside with machine learning technology. Any connection attempting to the suspicious IP address will be blocked by Trend Micro IoT security solutions within VIVOTEK devices. Modern hackers can change the IP of the attacker devices very frequently, thus catching up with that within minimal time interval is crucial. The Trend Micro IoT Reputation Service cloud is updated every 15 minutes.

3- Instant damage control

When a system vulnerability is first disclosed in public it is a “race in time” between hackers and device makers. The period between the vulnerability disclosure and the release of the firmware fix usually takes a couple of weeks, which leaves hackers plenty of time to scan and attack vulnerable devices in big volumes. Like regular anti-virus software installed on a PC, the Trend Micro IoT security solution within VIVOTEK devices can update the virus pattern automatically or manually. Through this, devices are still under protection and the risk is minimized before the vulnerability is fixed in the official firmware release.

In other words, although the virus might be able to affect the device due to the new disclosed vulnerability, it cannot do any harm due to the latest update of virus pattern. Furthermore, as the world’s no. 1 contributor to the public vulnerability database, Trend Micro can even create attacking pattern of new virus before it is disclosed in many cases, leaving no room for the hackers to take any advantage upon a newly announced vulnerability.

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