Vivotek License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition for Parking Lots – Save Money & Provide Security

Adding automatic (LPR) License Plate Recognition for parking lots and garages allows you to easily and effectively monitor from the safety of your car or office. Enter the approved license plates into the database and the computer does the rest.  Vivotek’s Stop & Go Embedded LPR Camera  automatically reads the license plate and opens the gate, if allowed.

PART #: IB9387-LPR -standalone Compact LPR Camera
Embedded LPR Software, Wiegand Output, Widely Supported Countries List

Why VIVOTEK’s LPR (license plate recognition) Cameras:

  • Embedded Access Control Application Based on LPR Software
  • Fully Integrated with VAST 2 (VIVOTEK Video Management Software)
  • Extensive List of Supported Countries
  • Black and White Lists for License Plate Verification
  • Centralized List Management in a Single Camera so it’s easy to delete and add license plates, and review footage with onboard storage
  • Wiegand Output for Access Control Applications works with most access control systems, so it can be yet another input for third party systems
  • Various Open APIs are Available for 3rd Party Integration

When using for gate control installation is easy:

  1. Stand alone unit so you don’t need to modify or get new equipment. Simply integrate with your existing 3rd party access control systems
  2. List Management for Number Plate Verification internal software to access camera on computer so it’s easy to delete and add license plates, and review footage with onboard storage
  3. Supports multi-state tags (previous models only covered one state) for 70 countries or states simultaneously
  4. Eliminates need for readers or keypads saving time and money replacing lost key cards and forgotten access codes

Gate control supports both simple and complex scenarios

  • Office parking lot – Eliminate the wasted time and money replacing lost key cards and forgotten codes.  The camera sees the license plate and lets the driver in.
  • Hospitals – allow staff who are sometimes arriving for emergencies save valuable time by simply slowing down to be admitted instead of fumbling with a keycard or inputting a code
  • Apartment buildings – prevents illegal dumping which costs building owners money in penalties or waste removal in the form of oversized junk,  toxic or hazardous waste and chemicals
  • CourthouseMake prisoner transfers safer when moving them from the detention center to the courthouse basement by eliminating need for driver to roll down the window to interact with the keypad.

There are many applications for License Plate Recognition to deter crime, improved security and allow drivers to smoothly enter and exit your parking lot.

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